Essay of rizal the philippines a century hence

It was a strong argument, and needed a logical point of view. As much was said, the philippines was a battleground of the clash of cultures, of blending of races and of pitiful bloodshed. Rizal in his own words painted the picture of our past clearly. The depth of his writings was proof of much grief and much work. Reading through the essays of rizal, one could say that the hero is not just as great writer but a great historian as well. His essay, the philippines a century hence presents a radical prophesy of rizal of how the philippines would be through the century. What rizal had envisioned in his essay came true. The americans wrestled with spain to win the philippines, and eventually took over the country. Theirs was a reign of democracy and liberty. Five decades after rizal. S death, the philippines gained her long. Awaited independence.
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