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Reliability of the electric power distribution system for alternative reserve con gurations master. S thesis in electric power engineering aron von sche ele. Phonon transport at boundaries and interfaces in two. Dimensional materials, cameron foss, electrical computer engineering. Masters thesis hamburg university of technology. School of electrical engineering, computer science and mathematics, hamburg.
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The thesis work can be a conducted as a part of a larger project, but the master. S thesis itself should be written individually. Getting started the thesis work is usually undertaken in the final phase of the studies. In the degree programme of electrical engineering, the autumn term of the 5 th study year is recommended. S students are required to complete one. Semester projects and one master. The projects and the thesis are supervised by a professor of the department. Including adjunct professors. Or by a professor associated. With the department. Master thesis proposal in electric power engineering simulation, and testing of a switched reluctance motor switched reluctance motors.
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