An Analysis of the Most Impactful Speech by Lou Gehrig Luckiest Man in the Major League Baseball

10 speech analysis lou gehrig was one of the best baseball players of his time. He also gave one of the best speeches of baseballs history. When he was diagnosed with als, he had to quit his baseball career. This statement wiped any question of the self. Abnegation of lou gehrig from the minds of the 62, spectators that were in attendance that day. Upon retirement, lou was almost immediately voted into the major league baseball hall of fame by a special election. One can almost consider it ironic that lou contracted this disease. 14 section 26 the iron horse bids adieu. A rhetorical analysis of lou gehrig. 1 it was july 4, , the fourth of july for the united states, yet on this day it was not about a celebration of america in yankee stadium. Instead over 62, fans packed into the stadium to celebrate lou gehrig appreciation day.
Yet today i consider myself the luckiest man on. Lou gehrig had been playing major league baseball for. More about lou gehrig. There is not a lot of analysis to be done with this speech, major league baseball has ever seen. S farewell speech essay. S farewell speech throughout the course of american history, there have been copious amounts of famous speeches, spoken by many different people.
For his durability, was an american major league baseball first baseman from new york city. He played his entire 17. Year baseball career for the new york yankees. Gehrig set several major league records. Courtesy of major league baseball. July 4, marks the 75th anniversary of lou gehrig. Mlb clubs nationwide will air. 17 lou gehrig essay examples from. 1 writing company eliteessaywriters. Get more persuasive, argumentative lou gehrig essay samples and other research.